Monday, June 18, 2007

Tell me if there is anything I can do

These words always comes from our mouth wheather you really wanted to help or not. It's make you looks good in front of other people, specially when you already good looking, it manipulate people on who you really are with a fake personallity.

Bosses also use this words to looks good on their employee. But what is happening in the real live is not as good as the words. Most people said that only to fools you, and that's includes your friends and even your very best friends.

When you really need someone's help, and surprisingly no one is helping you, not even your friends, best friends, relatives, or even the one you really trusted. You wonder why, because the help you need is not that big, won't be a burden to them, and you can do it yourself if only you have more time left.

The ironic is because what you do, and the help you asked was for themselves. Helping themselves not to trouble at the end, but somehow, they didn't care about that. You struggle for it, fighting for it, suffer for it without no ones help. While so many times they said the words, and never help.

You turns to be someone else, someone you hate, and someone new, someone who didn't believe to others, someone that only belief to himself, and fighting the world the way he believed in.

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