Monday, June 18, 2007

Fedora 7

Fedora really rocks! I've been using fedora core since RedHat focus on the enterprise services and no longer provide community based Linux distribution. The last RedHat product was RedHat 9 and until Fedora 7 it's still my favorite Linux distribution.

Actually as soon as RedHat stop producing RedHat community based, RedHat sponsored a new linux distribution called The Fedora Project. Fedora Project itself should be the leader of Linux technology which most of it's technology will be used on RedHat distribution for enterprise.

Up until fourth of its release, I found it become the heaviest distribution ever! It consume more memory and runs very slow on my pc. software installation still using rpm and still stuck on dependencies loop hole.

But things getting better and better since version 5, 6 and now version 7. For you Vista users or Windows users, you probably knew that Microsoft build new technology called Aero on Windows Vista, It's a technology that will changed our perspective about graphical user interface forever! But, nothing special for Linux Users, since Linux already have all Aero capability using Beryl or Compiz.

Most Linux distribution includes Beryl in their distribution but Fedora include Compiz. Me, Myself don't know what are the differences. Like Aero, both Beryl and Compiz requires a high performance PC before they can work flawlessly. Now, Beryl and Compiz join their technology to create a better graphical effect.

So as a regular user, I really like Fedora 7. It runs fast on my PC, great graphical interfaces with beautiful icons and everything. Fedora also provide many open source application on their website and there are third parties provide open source application too, so there are more than enough application to replace all microsoft product.

The beauty of open source is when you need something, you probably get it with low cost or without any cost at all. Just download it and install it. Easy isn't it?

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