Monday, March 03, 2008

Integrated System

I got lots offering from companies and even fro the military to built an integrated information system. Most of them already have separated system, individual and specific for certain task. And some ask us to develop basics system that can be extends for complex system but still integrated one of another.

Integrated system needs a team work to build one. Even every person in the team has different task, but they have a basic common things that programmers usually called it a framework. A way of work and a set of consensus that must be used during the development process.

The framework make sure that the code written to build the application has it's standard and every person in the teams understand the code so the application can be maintain.

Usually, if a company needs an application, they asked us to build a robust application that can be extends for another purpose in the company. In other words, if they needs a component, they just build it, following the existed application.

Now, I have to build an application, but rather than preparing the basics, my boss told me to build it fast. So, rather than preparing the application to be integrated, he asked me to build separate application. Oh man! That an old style of programming and this kind of programming cannot be maintained.

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