Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's on MaxDB?

It's been more than a year since the last time I used MaxDB and the latest version I used is MaxDB 7.6.xx.xx. I love this database very much, not only because it's an open source project, but also because it was built for enterprise used, design to be able to accomodate SAP solutions. So, it maybe the first open source enterprise database in the world.

Over this years, MaxDB users are increasing, specially from SAP Users and enterprise users. MaxDB lisence is very unique and very simple, people only have to pay if they use it for SAP Application and free to use for non SAP Application. It's administration is also simple but complete, you can expand the setting or just leave it be.

Compare to other open source databases such as MySql and Postgresql, MaxDB has lots of advanced features. One of them was multi volume in multi disk. Yup, you can set up database in as much as possible volume in the same drive or in the different drive. This features recently applies in MySQL 5.0 and I didn't believe it also applied in SQL Server 2005, but surely available on Oracle and IBM DB2 database. In MaxDB, multi volume features did not depends on the data, unlike MySQL, you need to define which id goes to what volumes.

Moreover, in latest version of 7.6, MaxDB already support limit clause. For web programmers, this sql statement is useful when you wanted to create a paging in your application. In earliest versions, we have to create a pl/sql to be able to accomodate paging in our application. But now, it's already simplified.

Another thing changed is in latest 7.6, the MaxDB Database Manager GUI, MaxDB SQL Studio and MaxDB WebCLI is replaced by MaxDB Database Studio. Giving the same functionality to windows and *nix like OS. Previously, MaxDB Database Manager GUI and MaxDB SQL Studio was available on Windows only. Even though MaxDB provide us with MaxDB WebCLI in order us to be able to administrate the sistem from anywhere vie web, not all the functionality works, sometimes it conflict to other libraries in *nix systems.

MaxDB Database Studio is made to give the same powerfull administration on Windows and *nix. It is built on java and needs java 1.5. Me, myself didn't like java, since it runs very slow on my system.

Suprisingly on late 2007, MaxDB was separated from MySQL and back to SAP Developer Network, and in early 2008, MySQL was bought by sun to be their database products. It so strange, because few months before, InnoDB, MySQL database engine was bought by Oracle.

If you need a free enterprise database server, MaxDB is for you.

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