Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Helmet Eps. 3

It's been months after that day, and my helmet damage badly inside part. We knew that DOT standart Helmet has three layers to protect user heads. First layer is the hard shell which can handle high presure impact up to few Ton. Second layer is the foam that protects user head from being hit by the hard shell. And the last one is another foams that gives user comfortability using the Helmet.

It's so strange that instead the first layer that severe serious damage, it's the third layer that damage badly and hit my face directly. First and second layer is totally OK, but the third layer really damage and cannot be repaired. It's been months using that Helmet and I was worried if things like that happens again.

So, after struggling for some extra income, finally, I brought new Helmet. It's cool, Red Doph color, with blue foams inside. I like the red color much, because it's bright and really red. And for sure it's DOT / SNI standart compatible, Of course.

Actually I'm falling in love with an INK helmets that costly much, but after some trial and error, I found out that I cannot wash the internal foams. From previous experience, there is no way, you can keep the inside foams clean forever, so I decide to find another one which I can wash the inside foams. So, it is it.

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