Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Go Mobile!

Read it like GO ION! slogan in the Poccari Sweat commercial. This is an Excecutive Information System application on Windows Mobile based Devices. The appllication it self called Winry and was developed using C#.Net and SQLite database.

Winry is an Excecutive Information System for the Indonesia Ministry of Health and used by the Minister herself and her staffs. It gives the minister resume about what is going on her department national wide. It needs a device that runs Windows Mobile Operating System in any version. It oficially tested on HP IPAQ with Windows Mobile 4.x, Softbank 868 with Windows Mobile 2005, and DOPOD U1000 with Windows Mobile 2006.

First installation, user got the default application and default database schema. Before user can use it to display any data, they have to Synchronize the data to the Ministry database server via internet connection (WiFi / GPRS / 3G / 3.5G / HSDPA / any web connection available, you name it). It will then check every one of them for the newer / updated data available then download and store the data in the device.

After synchronization process, user then can preview the data in tabular of graphical format. User also able to customized some option before displaying the data. Synchronization process itself can be done everytime user wanted a to make sure they have the latest data available on their device.

So? Go Mobile?

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