Friday, December 07, 2007

ASP: Upload Files

As a web programmer, sooner or later we will deal with something like uploading files (usually pictures) and store it to the server storage or to a database as binary object or attach it to an e-mail address.

Before our imagination goes like craze, we need to knew the capability and limitation of our programming language. For an ASP programmer like you, you probably notice that uploading a file needs an endless effort that sometimes did not meets our criterion.

For me, I don't want to be dazzled or trap into something like dll's hell. I wanted it to be purely ASP coz I can't do something on the server anyway, so it should be written in pure ASP.

After googling around for a while I found 2 articles about it.

First is the simplest way of uploading file. You can find the article here :

Second is more advanced, where you can upload multiple files at once and display upload progress bar. You can find the article here :

Both of the using a pure ASP class code that you just need to include it to your ASP page. I'm currently using the first one, because I don't need any fancy functionality yet.

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