Thursday, July 12, 2007

Update All Chart Data Link


Sub UpdateAllGraphs()

Dim oShape As Shape
Dim oSlide As Slide
Dim oGraph As Object

' Loop through each slide in the presentation.
For Each oSlide In ActivePresentation.Slides

' Loop through all the shapes on the current slide.
For Each oShape In oSlide.Shapes

' Check whether the shape is an OLE object.
If oShape.Type = msoEmbeddedOLEObject Then

' Check whether the OLE object is a Graph object.
If oShape.OLEFormat.ProgID = "MSGraph.Chart.8" Then

' Found a graph; obtain object reference, and
' then update.
Set oGraph = oShape.OLEFormat.Object

End If
End If
Next oShape
Next oSlide

End Sub

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