Friday, March 23, 2007

Full Metal Alchemist


[Alchemy is a science where one understands the structure of a matter, breaks it down and then rebuilds it.]

[Since it is science, the principles of nature still apply.]

[You can only create something of a certain mass from something with the same mass.]

[It is the principle of equivalent trade.]

[The principle of equivalent trade states that to gain something, you must present something of equal value.]

[Perhaps that is a lesson that people cannot gain anything without sacrifices.]

The Philosopher's Stone

[Those who possess it, no longer bound by the law of Conservation in Alchemy.]

[Don't have to sacrifice something of value in order to gain something.]

[Why do people desire the The Philosopher's Stone?]

[For wealth, glory, domination. For Eternal Live. In times of despair.]

[When they seen those around them dying . . .]

[When they are taken by despair . . .]

[They seek the Philosopher's Stone as their only hope.]

[The gate, which is the source of the power of alchemy . . . What lies beyond it?]

Truth Of The World

[Setting things equal . . . That's unfair.]

[After all, even though you pay the same price, you won't always gain the same thing.]

[And, people's lives do not have the same value.]

[That child is trying his best to live, and he is paying the price. Yet, the only thing he will gain is . . . death.]

[On the other hand, there are people who survive even though they kill other people.]

[It doesn't matter how hard you try to live, at the time of your death, you will die.]

[The world is trully cruel. Yet, at the same time you could say that is why it is beautiful.]

[You don't always need to pay a price to gain something. When a parent loves their children, there is no price or reward.]

[By paying a price, would anyone receive equal happiness?]

[I don't want to believe that it's possible to pay a price, and not receive anything.]

[There's no equivalent trade for a life. No matter how hard I try, it might be in vain.]

[You went on a journey.]

[You met many people along the way.]

[Saw many things.]

[You suffered . . .]

[You worked hard . . .]

[Everything you experienced . . .]

[That was your equivalent trade.]

[Nothing is ever perfect.]

[This world is imperfect.]

[That's why it's beautiful.]

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