Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Query is too complex

Currently I'm changing how the my application works, since there are much changing in the final Form that could not be match to the previous form once so ever. It affected tables in the database. It was first a modular table but then, seeing the final Form it self, I doubt it can be modular, so I changed it to singular.

Editing it self frustrating, since there are too much fields on a table ( > 150 fields) . When trying to display the data, it doesn't display anything, No data was displayed. I tried to fix the query, but it seems nothing wrong.

So, I copied the query paste it to the Access query and run it. "Query is too complex"! Sugar! what's that? Searching the internet and I found one interesting article from microsoft here.

In brief Access cannot handle too many query string in a process, so either I have to shorten the query, or I changed the table. That's the only solution.

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