Monday, December 24, 2007

Google AdSense

As you can see, I'm running some blogs right now. I speparate the blogs to a specifics topics, Id did it, because I think one blog is not enough and having too much tags is not an option for me. So, I have blog about Me, Books, Movies, Musics, Games, Greetings, Moslem, News, Code Snippet, Vacancy, Warning, and Webs. I planned to add some more in the future.

Is it difficult to manage those blogs? Apparently not, most of them updated occasionally when I have lots of spare time and the other are updated automatically.

Then, after some times, blogging, my brother in law told me to submit to AddSense to get some extra money. Google AdSense it self is one of google program that allow other people help google advertise it's client. In return, google will pay you if someone click on your google ads.

I didn't care much at first, but getting the AdSense account isn't that easy, I got rejected few times and it makes me wander why. One day I go to a book store and I found a book titled Google Ad Sense Langkah Mudah Meraup Dollar Lewat Internet.

Now, I get it. Google had a very strict policies on Ad sense. So, I created some other blogs and try to register them to adsense while trying to retry the old account. From some trial, one succeed. After got the AdSense account you just need to put the Adsense code in any web/blog and hopefully, someone clicking on your Adsense while surfing your web/blog.

I already put google AdSense code on every blog I have, now just hoping people love my blogs and they found what they are looking for on the google ad and click it.

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