Monday, December 10, 2007

2 Weds in a day

:-< , last sunday (9/12/2007), I have to attend 2 Weddings of my friends in a day. One is my girl friends's wedding and one is my office friend wedding. Olav and Helny's Wedding

Olav and Helny is our best friends. We have been best friends since our collage and we still contact each other untill now.

We are not sureprise they are married coz, they already tell us since we are still in collage that their parents already approve their relationship.

Both of them are gorgeous today, but one thing that sureprise us, is that Helny now dress up! We knew Helny well, so we can tell that there is no way for her to be dressed up and maked up! You see her, you see a boy, totally :-L . But look at her today, we barely tell that it was her standing on the stage.

We met some old friends there, we met Uda Anton's family, Dicky's family, Toto (for sure, he always attend any invitations), Tata, Eka and her boyfriends, and Ika. It's very difficult to contact our friends, since we lost contact to most of the people after the graduation day.

Today, Ikah, announce that she will be married next week and she handed the invitations to us and ask our help to pass it on to other friends we can contact O:-).

After Helny's weddings, we still got 5 hour to the next party :-t . Me and my girl decided to take spend some times in a mall before going to the office building to re-dress up @-) .

Gerry and Juni's Wedding

In the evening we go to Juni's wedding near my office. I can't tell much about this wedding since we already exhausted with the trip (: . Juni was beautiful, and Gerry was a good looking guy, together, they made a perfect couple of 2007.

There I met my old friend Dino. Apparently he is my friend's bouyfriend. We can't stay long, before the wedding is over, we already on our way home.

:-< . For singles, we got the same questions. When will you get married? People keeps asking those question and we got tired answering it. It's not that I'm affraid of commitment or something, but now, I'm still enjoying my role as low labor with low salary and not so many responsibillities. It feels so free and I still can improve my skills.

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