Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Song bad Video Clip

I love a good song, good to listen, good to read and good to understand. Lately I'm craze about the new album of Maroon 5 - It won't too long before soon. The songs are great, easy to listen, good lyrics and good music composition.

But it almost ruined because their Video Clip are not that good. They are count on "sexyness" whether it fit or not to the song. It's bad, because somehow it ruins the compositions.

I like Good Charlotte too, I've download "The River" Video Clip and it's not too sexy. The are able to keep the song and Video in balance. Even though it's only shows the band plays in a big garage, but it looks fit to the song and also to the lyrics.

Now, I remember a very old song from Sting tittled Dessert Rose. The song was marvelous back then, and I really like the song. Unfortunately, after seeing the Video Clip, I feel somehow the song was ruins and feels not that good anymore. It's happen to Britney Spears, Good girls become Chick and now she is crazy.

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