Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Complete set multimedia without TV and Radio

The Slimmest Sony Erricsson phone todays is W880i the one that I really wanted. So, with all my savings, I buy this phone without doing any price and features comparison. The price is awesome, totally expensive for someone like me.

After buy it, the first impressions, are it's so slim and also feels so fragile. And after a few click I realize that darn! No radio! and no Quick Office?! For such an expensive product it lacks some of the technology. It only focus on the slim and big storage (1GB), although it's not big enough for me.

Soon after try it several times, I found out to be a lot of fun using it. I can hear musics, play java games, and watch movies. Not to mention take a picture and video.

The most important things for me is I can watch videos, it means I don't have to loose video clips from my favorite artists and can watch movies from DVD anywhere I wanted. Wow! really? Yeah, trust me.

So, it's a complete set of multimedia player without TV and Radio.

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