Monday, April 16, 2007

Over Time

Work, work and work!
One task to another, sometimes doing multiple task at the same time. Fighting with the deadline, fighting with colleagues, fighting with myself, fighting with the fuckin' house rules. Fighting with right, and obligation.

Soo many over time until over exhausted, soo many times put my life on the line and risk everything on the name of work!!! Focusing on targets and deadline, what for? Since the beginning I already know that there is no use pushing yourself to the edge, there is no use struggling that hard for something like this. It's not worth it.

But me is me like always. Once someone told me to do something, I will take everything necessary to done it, sacrificing everything only to make sure everything is ok. But at the end, it's not always worth that high.

Now, after all I have done, all I have thrown away, they told me that I didn't get my right because I didn't note it right. How can I note it when I have to rush like craze, running and running, rush my mind till drop, there is no time to take any note anymore, all you need was going home and take a rest.

Oh man, life is never fair for me, I never get, everything right. I never have someone I can rely on my life. Not in personal life nor in professional life. It seems I have to be alone and isolate my self like always.

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