Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We are the champions!

Amazing! We win!

I don't know how, but we win! This is amazing because for more than 2 weeks the committee give us time for practicing, we only practice for 2 days! So, what should we do? Nothing! The team morale has dropped. Nobody cares about the game anymore, we are too busy working everyday. We didn't even sending e-mail to each others for three days.

First strike we loose, but second strike is an easy one, the third strike is very-very stressful. Actually the first strike should be the beginner player play Classic cars, but the game time actually crossing with the pray time, so shandy as the first player praying maghrib first.

So, the committee decide to go with the medium player. We lost. We lost the first round! The first round played by Daniel and Hari. Hari looks very calm and he control the game very much, meanwhile Daniel is struggling with his car. Because this is his first time playing the game again after more than 2 week, then he need time to adjust his playing style. And no one is navigating him, so he lost badly. There it is, we lost the first round.

Actually before the second game, the committee ask us weather we need time to discuss any strategy or not. And all of us said No! Because there is nothing we can do to fix the situation and we go for the second game.

That is really stressful also, but Shandy just tighten his jacket, wearing his glasses and ask Aji to be his navigator. But, when the game start it seems Shandy already control the game. Other member just confused because he navigating himself and it's dropping the opponent morale. He is really enjoying the game and it seems no one can stop him at that stage. He speaks so laud and irritating everyboy. Oh my god! Only need 2 laps to win this game, and we win it perfectly!

Before the third game started, the two team must select one of the committee to play against each other. The opponent choose mbak Eti, and we choose mbak Juni. Both of them cannot play PS2 at all, so we guide them a little and they start. As soon as the game started, they both start bouncing right and left. Shandy try to navigate Juni and its success! Even not very smooth but somehow she manage to be the first. That's good, we can use Shandy to navigate the third round.

The third round is really-very, very stressful, because we have to deal a very skilled player and our player never practice for two weeks. So, mbak Purna VS Paddi. The game started, in Central Plaza, although we lead, but the opponent is right behind us and one minor mistake that usually happens in a turn can be fatal. Shandy try to keep navigating Paddi, one and two times the opponent lead the race, but in the end, we win!

The second race is in Downtown area, and we thought Paddi is good at this track, but somehow, he lost concentration and the opponent is even better than Paddi. At the last lap we left only for a few millisecond but we lost!

Before the third race begins we ask the committee to take a brake because our position is even and everybody got the stress.

The third Race is begin, this is the final race, one race that counts. The track is Venice Beach and Shandy is good at it, hope he can navigate Paddi even better. The race is start, Shandy keep navigating, the opponent car is very-very close. Once or twice they lead the race, but Paddi manage to control the game. He is so calm, when others are panic. And we finally win! and everybody has lost their energy.

We win!

Next, Mr Siswoyo said that there is and immune system at the game, and the one who got the immunization is Mas Ar, our Project Manager. There are two other immune for people who can mention the letter in the assignment envelop. No one can answer that and Mr. Sis say to go and get the envelope. So, Shandy runs, because he is the one who keep the envelope. Radik got the immunization.

After seeing us winning the battle and got 2 immune, Mr. Sis said the last immune is for Team A. So he ask them what the letters is stand for. Hari got it and thats it.

Mr. Sis let the winner go and keep the opponent stay in the room for a while. Outside we agree not to talk about the game unless they started, just to prevent bad things happen.

We are still amaze that we win!

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