Thursday, November 30, 2006

What is wrong with Indonesia?

Every time I heard somebody speaking, they proudly talking in foreign language or talking about other countries. I wonder, what is the good things in other countries compare with their origin country?

If other countries are so great, then why they come to Indonesia? I wonder about that. If we compare about the culture, then Indonesia have lot of beautiful culture that other people in other country try to get.

Meanwhile, when we are too busy to talk and speak about other countries, our culture has been stolen. A very simple example is 'tempe'. Do you believe when we are eating KFC, PIZZA, BURGER, STEAK, SUKIYAKI, TERIYAKI and other foreign food, Japan take tempe technology and make it theirs.

While we are dancing in the night club, or singing rap, rocks, others type of music and leaving our traditional music behind, foreign people dance Jaipongan, they also dance tari topeng Cirebon and also play angklung!

One show I've seen on TV is about how foreign people performing our traditional culture with proud and most of our people can only saw it. It's an ironic.

I didn't say that I don't want to talk or write in foreign language, or even go to foreign countries, I want to, it's just I don't like doing something over reacting. Speaking foreign language is just about to speak, it's about how to communicate something, not about to admire and adore it.

Visiting other countries? I'd love to, but only to compare my country with other countries, take the good side and leave the bad side and once again, not to admire and adore it.

Let's help Indonesia by loving it's culture, study hard, be a real person and make changes to Indonesia.

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